Half of the Greatest Minds of a Generation, Michael Palmenderi “The Motha Fuckin Musical” is back with John Sullivan, “Sully, The World’s Strongest Manager!” How’s the brand split going with each show and their pay per views? Will Michael and John ever see eye to eye on Kevin Owens? When […]

Clash of Stupid Idiots

Ben Palin joins The Make It Up to chat about getting into directing, his upcoming staged reading of the movie Slacker, and the rocky years of his youth (one time) stealing stuff. The staged reading of Slacker happens Thursday, September 29th at The Crowd Theater! Get him on Twitter @benbenpalin! Music in the middle […]

“Pipe Down”/ Ben Palin

Only 90s kids will understand this: the 2000s were rough. Maureen and I explore the most awkward period of our life by putting what we deem important into our totally real time capsule. Part One of our Time Capsule Series begins in the year 2000. The Y2K bunkers, butterfly clips, […]

It’s, Like, A Time Capsule: Year 2000

Tony Belsito of Good Authority joins The Make It Up to talk about building the band, his childhood, and his Wikipedia-spoiling movie watching habits! Listen to Good Authority HERE. Music in the middle by Good Authority! Listen here on the site or in iTunes! Save

“Not So On The Magic Of The Moment”/ Tony Belsito

We are back for ROUND 2 with Sully The World’s Strongest Manager! Join half of the greatest minds of a generation, Michael Palmenderi “The Motha Fuckin Musical” as John and I talk about how we got into watching pro-wrestling as well as the brand split! All this and more on […]

Personal Wrestling Origins

John Wernecke of Porridg3 joins The Make It Up to talk about the improv ensemble Fear The Dreamer, where/how he started doing improv, and all things Dillon Cassidy. Fear The Dreamer is every Saturday at 10pm at The Crowd Theater. AND, keep an eye out for John in Improvised Second […]

“Outside The Veronica Corningstone Model”/ John Wernecke

Not even Finn Balor’s alter ego could interrupt this episode as one half of the greatest minds in wrestling today, Michael Palmenderi ‘The Mother Fucking Musical’ interviews John Sullivan (Sully, The World’s Strongest Manager). Listen to John’s top 3 favorite matches of all time and more on this episode of…the […]

Sully, The World’s Strongest Manager!

(EP74)–Sky Cubacub and Nina Litoff of Rebirth Garments join The Make It Up to talk about what made the founding of the company necessary, what their goal is, and all things Rebirth. Rebirth Garments focuses on gender non-conforming wearables and accessories for people on the full spectrum of gender, size, and […]

“Things That Would Work”/ Rebirth Garments

While 1/2 of the greatest minds in pro-wrestling, ‘Over Easy’ Kyle Adams, is out on an injury, Michael Palmenderi ‘The Motha F*ckin Musical’ sits down with the host of the very popular podcast, The Entertainment Buffet, Brandon Prosek! This is the first time these two die hard fans sat down […]

Talkin’ With The Pros!

Producer/editor Victoria Messina joins The Make It Up to talk about making her online creative community Betty Baker, her role in bringing various creative types together, and what the possible population of Austin is! Check out Victoria’s site at — bettybaker.co — to browse through all sorts of creative folks. […]

“Ivy On A Brick Wall”/ Victoria Messina

The greatest minds in wrestling today talk about story lines leading up to Summerslam and also bring you the very first Promo Showdown Battle, right here on this episode of….The Slobberknocker!!!!!! Listen here on the site or in iTunes!

Summerslam Countdown