Only 90s kids will understand this: the 2000s were rough. Maureen and I explore the most awkward period of our life by putting what we deem important into our totally real time capsule. Part One of our Time Capsule Series begins in the year 2000. The Y2K bunkers, butterfly clips, […]

It’s, Like, A Time Capsule: Year 2000

We’ve got spirit, yes we do! We’ve got spirit, how ‘bout listening to this very special Sassquatch dedicated to the very American pastime of SPORTS? The 2016 Rio Toxic Waste Avoidance Games are right around the corner, and what better way to commemorate this likely human rights disaster by talking […]

Huddle Up

SPOILER ALERT! While Maureen is out of town on a trip to Dollywood, Katie has some special guests on the show to talk about the upcoming season finale of Game of Thrones! Lord Varys, Robin Arryn, The Waif, and the long-absent Gendry stop by Sassquatch to dish about life in […]

Sordid Secrets of the Seven Kingdoms

In this very special episode of Sassquatch, we celebrate Mother’s Day by celebrating “Mother’s Day,” the latest in the recent string of Holiday-themed Garry Marshall movies. Listen in as we discuss this madcap journey through heinous wigs, rampant product placement, lowkey racism, and the great state of Georgia(‘s tax breaks). […]


It’s election season, and you know what that means–flip-flopping. From the important-est politicians to the lowliest podcast hosts, we’ve all changed our minds at some point. Special Guest and Garden Boy Jordan Wilson joins the Sassquatch gang to discuss our favorite pop culture flip-flops, from Aaron Sorkin to Kendrick Lamarr […]


Fáilte go Sassquatch! In this St. Paddy’s-themed episode, McCormick and Monahan discuss the motherland. Listen as Sassquatch rambles forth on Brooklyn, The Luck of the Irish, and Sinead O’Connor, along with some fun banter about famine and the terrors of militant Catholicism! Music by Victor French. Listen on the site or […]


Katie and Maureen take a peek into the best new pop culture of our brand spankin’ baby new year of 2016. Has 2016 offered any worthwhile pop culture, or should you crawl back down into your bunker? Find out here! Music by Victor French. Listen here on the site or […]

So Far So Good

One loves hip hop, the other loves Styx.  On this episode of Sassquatch, listen as Katie takes Maureen on a journey through hip hop music.  Will Maureen like what she hears? Or will Katie demonstrate how white she is while trying to talk about rap music?  Okay, that last one […]

Rap Sesh

Katie and Maureen get biblical in this very special episode of Sassquatch, featuring special guest Adam Levin. We’re talking Passion of the Christ, Dogma, Godspell, Life of Brian, and more, with bonus banter about Catholic schooling, Matt Damon, and finger dancing.

Jesus Christ, Movie Star